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1812  13 Jul  Halifax  

965. Lawrence Hartshorne to Samuel Marshall, in reply to his letter.  He sent Marshall's enclosure to the Governor -"next Morning I waited upon his Excellency upon the subject of it, and found him as well disposed to render the necessary and you required, as we could wish, and found that he had the subject under his consideration, that he had also consulted the Admiral who alone in the present situation of affairs could render you assistance other than supplying the Militia with Arms &c - Soldiers he has not to spare at this time ...he has given Orders to the Inspecting Field Officer to arrange the Militia in the most eligible [sic] in your district and I understand has directed Arms & Ammunition to be supplied to them - the Admiral has sent the Spartan Frigate and Ring Dove Sloop to the Bay of Fundy in addition to the Indian Plumber & Juniper - our Commanders appear fully impress'd with the importance of your Station and disposed to render you every assistance in their power - there was one sentiment expressed in your Letter that I thought the Governor did not seem to relish - you hint...that if you were not supported you would be under the necessity of coming to some terms with the enemy." Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 953 No. 965


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