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1807  16 Jul  Lunenburg  

867. Dr. J. Prescott to Mr. Crowell,  on business and personal matters. "It is unfortunate for me that I sold anything at Shelburne, for had I brought the articles here and disposed of them, I shou'd have been a gainer of at least £ 50 as everything in the furniture way sells enormously high. I think therefore it will be best to send forward the Bedsted. Bookcase &c. unless you have already disposed of them. If you can get them on board the Tender, as she will touch here I shou'd be glad, if not send them to Halifax to the care of my Brother. Mr. John Bingay has a Voice Flute & some Musick-books which I lent him, I beg you will get and forward them also." Recommends mends Mr. Shreve, minister. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 952 No. 867


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