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1798  1 May  Halifax  

623. Benjamin Davis Jr. to Gideon White, on various topics. ''I am again in possession of my Vessel - tho not without douseing the Stivers - I should be off this day but that my application to the Governor relative to a return of the Government division of the Spoil remains undetermined till to-morrow - it is referd to the determination of the Commissioners of the Revenue - from whom I have every assurance of their doing all in their power to relieve me - I am literally as your friend Tongue says, in the hands of the Philistines & it will require almost the Strength of Sampson to extricate myself... Your Commission as Sheriff I understand goes by this Vessel - & Gautier has also put on board the Governors Proclamations for a General Fast - & you have also the Bishops Prayers in abundance to distribute - the Commission for the Trial of the Criminal Sir John tells me is making out & that he will give it in my Charge.'' Postscript: ''A sad Catastrophe relative to the Players bro't by Parker has happened - the Old Lady Mrs. Allen died very Suddenly - the Night before last - & Mrs. Munto elop'd from her Husband - Col. Bayard is said to have taken her off.'' Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 950 No. 623


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