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1789  17 Jun  Guysborough  

498. Nathan Hubbil to Gideon White, in receipt of letter respecting his land. He has been granted 800 acres of land in a body lying east of Chedabucto Bay. Although it is not near Lodge's saw-mill, as White expected, the land is good. "Your Town lot is adjoining Capt. Cunningham & inclos'd with his & is a very Good one - but You have no Water lot, as You and Capt. Brownrigg was not on the spot when they was drawn - those concerned would not allow Your names to be included in the draught which is of very little consequence as they are hardly worth owning - It is not in my power to say what Your Land will sell for at this Place - but this much I can tell You that Purchasers are few, & should You dispose off it now, it must be done to a great disadvantage." Holograph. (Received 16 August.)

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 949 No. 498


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