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1786  25 Aug  Morristown  Mass.

427. N. Ford to Gideon White, in receipt of letter. ''It afords me very singular pleasure to hear of the Commisioners being at Shelburne & also to hear of the very friendly Character in which they Conduct themselves…I am glad to hear Mr. Wilkins has got into his new house, I hope he will now get settled and determine he will remain where he is for Life, he is a good man if ever their was one, and a more amiable family was never Collected under one Ruff - Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to hear of his being Chief Justice of the Province, it would be a means of fixing him a fixd. income annually - And as it is a matter of Consequence to the Inhabitants to have a man capable, and a good man to fill that office, I am well persuaded that office could not be better fill'd...However I have the satisfaction to think, he has got into an office now, that puts it out of the power of the rabble of Shelburne to remove - An Election must Consequently insue, and my best wishes attend our friend Mr. Davis....It does me good to hear you have rice, reputable familys arriving among you, from England, for the purpose of settling, - this is an acquisition to Shelburne which it will feel sensibly, - it will not only feel it in the mercantile line, but it is expanding that society, which you know has been contracted in a very small circle.'' Political news of the vicinity. He thinks the United States is becoming disunited. ''It is my most, sincear prayer Shelburne may continue to flourish and all other of his Majestys Provinces, and dominions everywhere, - And a Speedy end put to, And Total downfall to Satans Kingdom, those United States, which thank God is hastening -'' Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 949 No. 427


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