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1777  15 May  New York  

41. [Copy of] letter from Captain Cornelius White to Messrs. T., J., and Wm. Cochran, Halifax merchants. He relates his experiences since sailing from Halifax with a cargo of fish for the West Indies. Having sold his fish, some of which had spoiled, he loaded rum and sugar and set out to sail for home under convoy. The convoy having failed, he sailed to St. Eustatius where he was eventually obliged to sell both ship and cargo rather than be taken by one of the many privateers that infested the seas around the islands. He sold the rum at cost and the sugar below cost; he got 280 Johannes for the brig. Has transmitted the bills of exchange to Watson & Rashleigh in London, since West India Bills are risky and somewhat under par. Regrets that he has made such a bad voyage. His brother's ship has been captured and he requests the Cochrans to have him exchanged for one of the captains who are brought in to Halifax. Expects to be in Halifax soon, and will be glad to execute any commissions before he leaves New York. Compliments to Mrs. Cochran, George and Mr. Strachan and Smith. Postscript asking Cochrans to claim his brother's schooner if she should be retaken, and sell her for the most she will fetch.
Enclosure: Rec't for bills of exchange, below. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 947 No. 41


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