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1786  9 Mar  Halifax  

404. Jas. Clarke to Gideon White, in receipt of letters. Veiled references to an election case. "Blowers deserves every Attention and Mark of Respect from the real Loyalist and whatever you do be cool, sensible and deliberate that we may preserve a consistent Character for decency firmness & respect for Government. - Had the Address to Uniacke made its appearance a little sooner McEwen would have been attended to for his Patriotism and Thirst for universal Liberty - Their addressing for themselves and the other Freeholders is Monstrously Modest - Ross I leave - I am glad his Conduct is considered it is (sic) true Light - Towards me he has behaved unhandsomely - I pity and forgive him." "The Group you mention have always been mad - If they don't bite, and thereby diffuse their malignant Poison, let them rage and rave until their Strength is exhausted, when perhaps bleeding or and epispastic may relieve them...For political Reasons, if you take any Notice of the Address, do not be pointed towards Uniacke nor discover any Thing that has the appearance of Faction or the warmth of Party - Consult Wilkins in every Thing for be assured he ought to be looked up to as the Pole-Star of the Loyalists." Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 949 No. 404


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