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1784  13   Boston  

335. Nathaniel Whitworth to his brother Charles, on arriving from England.  Encloses letter from England re business and directions. "..pray be cautious in your remittance, indeed at present I see no mode except Cash, and even in that I'm fearful you will be a loser except in Guineas, and you must be particularly attentive, that they weigh five pennyweight, eight Grains, or of course they must be sold as Bullion, nothing but Guineas (in Gold) will answer, Our friends in their favor of 27th Oct. say "Oil keeps up we mean White Sperm. Cali. Potash droops on account of the late imports being vended by Public Sale, fine Pearl ash is in demand; so that God knows my dear Charles how you will be able to satisfy the Cries of your Creditors, it must be by Cash and Bills only, & that permit me to recommend as speedy as possible, as your Credit is now expired & Interest commenc'd.." Has decided not to join V. Nutter in buying Millin House. Personal messages. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 335


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