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1784  8 Jun  Chedabucto  

284. R. F. Brownrigg to Gideon White, relative to the progress of the settlement. ''First, I found a misunderstanding between the Surveyor, and Messrs. McDonald & McPherson - before I saw the Surveyor - they told me he knew nothing of Surveying; and many other illiberal sentiments they expressed; at the tail of which they recommended a Mr. Chapman to me - I thought partiality depicted there; so determined to judge for myself - I found, the first comers had occupied the best of the town lots - the provisions, and chief of the stores, proportioned out to the Men, and was told, that some of them, had, not only, sold their Rations, but also, their tools, to the inhabitants - no store house built, but very great improvements for the time / made; some building block houses, and others planting potatoes upon their lots - I found Mr. McPherson, a very great Man, having married two couple / which by the bye, I believe he ought not, without a licence from the Governor; and I think you ought to apply to him on the subject / he stiles himself our Surgeon; refuses to act under the last Commission for the Peace; says, he will be Chairman, as senior Justice / I blush while I write such ridiculous stuff, however, it will better give You an idea of the Man / says, if the Governor supersedes him as a Justice, he will give up the Commission, and not act at all - which makes me wish the Governor to strike his Name out, by way of punishment for his haughtiness.'' Further account of McPherson and his endeavour to name the town. ''When I arrived Mr. Nutting was up the River, laying out our Country Grants - on Sunday, he, and I had some discourse, from which I found that our Gentlemen had, in an arbitrary / not to say worse / manner, begun to draw for their town lots in Mr. Nutting's absence - I have reason to think likewise that they have obstructed, rather than facilitated his movements from the experience I have had of the backwardness there is in giving me the informations I require. I have found Mr. Nutting so far as we have gone, very intelligent, and ingenuous...'' Personal messages from Cunningham and himself. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 284


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