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1894  20 Nov  Yarmouth  

1492. Postscript to Arthur McGray's letter of Nov. 19. He asks for White's influence in filling a position about to be vacated by Jos. Kenny. "There is nothing new today in the railway situation and, we have it verified that Longley and Abram Hatfield Warden for this County had an infernal row at Annapolis - we believe it a grand time for Longley to retire from the Govt and I believe with the assistance of "our crowd" we could throw Fielding down and have a Local Govt. favourable to seems to me that a coalition Govt - with Longley at its head would be a good thing for the South Shore railway now - and an easy Govt for us to defeat when the provincial elections should come around...think it over and tell me what you think." Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 956 No. 1492


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