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1834  27 Mar  Halifax  

1367. Deane White to his brother Cornelius, in receipt of letter. Since I gave you the last list of failures - Robt. D. Clark, Harvey & Stamper and several Grocers have gone - but the Most Melancholy of all is poor old Belcher, who, after giving up all to his creditors - has had Capias after Capias served on him from Butchers, Bakers &c. -...You have, with all you have seen, little idea of the present state of Halifax, - what property a Man has, he keeps close under his thumb and trusts not a farthing to his next door neighbour - What do you think of upwards of 600 houses now to let in Town and Suburbs - rents are generally 25 pr Ct lower than they were 6 months since - and Many Shops that let last year 90 & £100 are now offered for 40 & £50 this I know to be the Case. The Town is glutted with all sorts of produce & no vent for it. If £5 or £1000 comes into the Market this Moment it is locked up in the Banks the Next. I am happy to say there has been some fine voyages made to the Brazils late -'' Remarks on the legislative session. List of articles he is sending, with prices. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 955 No. 1367


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