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1830  26 Nov  Halifax  

1245. Nathaniel W. White to his brother Cornelius, on public and private affairs. ''After the long & tedious Eastern blast with which we have been visited I had almost depaired of seeing a sail from the west & began to think with the superstitious hen that Providence had interfered in behalf of our Revenue & had directed old AEolus to keep his wind pipe up to keep the rum pipes out until the wise worthies of the Land had done piping about Ways & Means & finally settled the important fourpenny controversy. The old fellow's bag however is exhausted, fleets of the burning liquid have been disgorged upon us, and the lungs of our Orators are in full play & the Great Question still undecided.'' Further comments on the brandy dispute, the admin istrator (Michael Wallace) and the Lt.-Governor (Maitland). ''Poor Barry! what a brief career has he run! Thus it is with all who are not sound at the core...The story of Roche's freehold is a funny thing, to be sure. I mentioned the circumstances at Robie's one day after dinner when only he & Judge Halliburton were present & they advised me to make the objection under the Election law which requires that the member elect shall, upon motion, lay upon the table a specification of his qualifications. I spoke to Steward on the subject who made the motion the first day of the Sessions. Roche in a great funk complied & Barry immediately started, posthast, no doubt, to screw up Cocken to the sticking place, who, he feared, might let the cat out. That there has been foul play I am convinced, but to get at it is the rub.'' Comments on the proposed division of Halifax County. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 955 No. 1245


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