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1830  13 Jan  Halifax  

1231. Dean White to his brother Cornelius, in receipt of letters. ''This change of public heads at Home, have quite excited our nobs - they seeing the good of making friends with such personages, are quite agog to bow before them - and are determined to embrace the first oppy - Archibald & Hill have been sworn into office the former as atty general, the latter Solicitor - they both go home in a few days - Wm. Lawson is also on the wing to secure to himself the Key of the Provincial chest, as a good sort of mooring in his older days...This also starts Da Wallace [sic] who has for some time looked forward to supercede his Father - Fairbanks and others of the same interests follows. It is reported that Sir Peregrine is to be soon promoted & that his situation will be even nearer the petticoats - Sir Rupert said to Nat he expected to have a call to better quarters - this takes Hill to headquarters with Sir R's best wishes for his superceding him...The House was p[rorogued] yesterday in due form - you'll find the Pictou Acady bill is thrown out, after all the time & trouble it has occupied - also Rudolph's hobby, £850 for Cross Island Lighthouse.'' Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 955 No. 1231


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