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1829  2 Mar  Halifax  

1216. Nathaniel White to his brother Cornelius. ''To bring some men's destiny to a clost 'tis only necessary to give them tether & they'll soon run to the end of it…The Honble member for Shelburne no longer hears the walls of St. Stephens echo to the music of his leathern lungs, but must now content himself with uttering his anathemas from the top of his counter to his admiring com-patriots. After listening to his abuse of almost every man in Shelburne of any respectability the House became quite indignant and determine to trip him the first time he overstepped the parliamentary rules of order. This he was led to do upon presenting a petition from Gough of Liverpool against a militia fine, terming Col. Freeman in the course of debate a smuggler or using language which in the opinion of the House amounted to it. He was immediately called to order by the gallant Coll. and the result of a long & stormy debate with closed doors was that he should make an apology both to the House & the Col. such as the House dictate and not take his seat until he did so. He has now been a week under this conditional sentence of expulsion & Persists in his determination not to apologize. The House will wait a decent time & then declare the seat vacated.'' Further on same subject. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 954 No. 1216


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