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1827  12 Feb  Halifax  

1188. Nathaniel White to his brother Cornelius relative to his contested election. ''I have just stolen a minute from the important debate now going on, upon the agency subject to quiet your anxiety. Barry's petitions have been put in & your reputation is left as pure as snow. He dared not after his public avowal of your impartiality say aught to the contrary. The question has gone to a committee & an excellent one it is. There were four lawyers drawn, all of whom he struck off. I have no fear of the result right or wrong. The feeling of the House is decidedly in my favour & much interest is making for me in all quarters. Barry has started for his witnesses, but will be disappointed in his attempt to introduce them. It will probably be a month before 'tis decided. Archibald's is now going on. His fate I think doubtful. I feel very sanguine.'' Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 954 No. 1188


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