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1826  22 Mar  Halifax  

1179. Nathaniel White to his brother Cornelius, in receipt of letters. ''I had sounded Jeffrey, with whom I am on good terms, but he says that they have made a cypher of him & that the appointments all come from the Treasury. The cause of Shelburne being left unprovided with a Collector was the dismal picture of it which Bruce drew when he applied Home for preferment. Mr. Crowell had been speaking to Jeffry & asking the situation for Col. Buskirk. Jeffrey shewed me a letter from Mr. Wodehouse the Commissr. who is now in the U. S. to whom he had written on the subject. In that he says he has no power to appoint any one with a promise of a salary but advises Jeffrey to give a temporary appointment, trusting to a statement to the Treasury at the end of the year for compensation & thus gaining a sort of hold under the hope of being confirmed. This however has too much of the diplomatic phinesse about it. I think the best way is to forward a Petition & get it recommended by the Governor & Collector & transmitted to the Treasy. Board. I will see Mr. Crowell & Ascertain his views, intentions & -  Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 954 No. 1179


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