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1825  7 May  Halifax  

1168. Nathaniel White to his brother Cornelius. ''I have screwed myself up to the conduct you advised me to adopt towards my quondam foe & have succeeded admirably. I find him perfectly placable & disposed to forget all stale grievances. He dines with me today & will I think be inclined to give me a lift on any future occasion. You have of course heard of the great change that has taken place in the views of the Governt at home, with regard to the Colonies & of the effect it has had on the giddy brains of our citizens. There is no doubt but the liberal system about to be pursued will ultimately prove very beneficial to this colony, but to anticipate any immediate effect is the height of folly. The good people here are all agog on the subject & appear to think that by some mighty magic the late measure will at once scatter the cloud that hangs over us or rather that instead of expending itself in refreshing showers which will gradually fertilize & enrich, it will distil dollars & doubloons at once upon us. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 954 No. 1168


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