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1820  26 May  Halifax  

1105. J.W. Johnston to Nathaniel White. He asks for his services for the defendant in the cause of Wilcox vs. Smith at Windsor. "I have no time for electioneering politics…Tupper goes from Halifax with near 300 votes all given by people in this part of the County to whom he was a total stranger. - The Causes as near as I can learn are - Radicalism - Enmity to the different Old Members - The love of Fun - respect for the appearance & deportment of Tupper which certainly are very much in his favor - and indignation at the mode of his reception by Smith. Arch'd for once lost his temper & made a violent & ill judged Phillipic - How the matter will go I am at a loss to say Pryor & Grassie a tye. Had they had a little courage and preserved a little good faith with each other, they both would have succeeded & Albro have gone out - I have not time to explain this, but it is so." Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 954 No. 1105


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