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Gideon White Family Papers

''Capt. Gideon White, 1754-1833, of Shelburne, N.S.''

Gideon White was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts, was a royalist volunteer at Bunker Hill, and came to Shelburne as a Loyalist in 1783. He married Deborah Whitworth, Boston, in 1787. The photograph is of a very beautiful oval miniature in ivory, reputed to have been painted by Richard Cosway, London, in 1800. Captain White is in a scarlet uniform with white facings, and two silver epaulets. [Report on the Provincial Museum Science Library and Public Records of Nova Scotia 1926, Halifax, 1927, p. 24]

Format: photo of painting

Artist: R. Cosway

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: People: White, Gideon

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