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S. S. Blowers to Gideon White on Admirality Court business.

''It is impossible for me to give you such general advice respecting your duty as Deputy Registrar of the Court of Admiralty, as will serve you in all cases which may happen - I shall be at all times ready to aid you on any occasion, in which you may want it, but can now only say in general that your duty at large is to take such Examinations as you may have orders to take from the Court here - I think further that you should always take any preparatory Examinations which the Collector particularly or any Seizing Officer at your port may require you take, for which they should pay you at the time, or give you assurances of payment. Those taken by order of Court will if proper application is made be always taxed in the Costs and allowed by the Judge.'' Personal messages.

Reference: Gideon White Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 949 number 378.


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