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R. F. Brownrigg to Gideon White, in receipt of letter.

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He has expected White to join him. "…as I thought we should first build near the fishery: for which purpose, I purchased a Seine, and Canoe. As to the pretty folks, they are entirely out of the question for the people, since my being in Halifax, appointed Doctor McPherson Their Agent...I intend to have as few disagreeables as possible, and as I find that a quiet Mind suits me best. to preserve that have shifted the scene." "I had not an opportunity of personating Captain White and kissing the Halifax Ladies, not geting Your orders in time." Detailed information about Thomas Deialton, formerly a lieutenant in the regiment. "The Gents. at Chedabucto had given you a back lott, but I altered it, and You stand at present as I do. You must expect in return for Your good intentions and real services ingratitude. be assured it is the only payment You will receive." Recounts his activities as magistrate, officiating at marriages, funerals etc.

Reference: Gideon White Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 948 number 312.


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