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John McPherson to Gideon White, reporting their arrival and difficulties.

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''We arrived here in a passage of 3 days & were much pleased with our views of settling but find ourselves much disappointed by the conduct of the Surveyor that came along with us. I can in the first place prove that he is incapable of the business he has undertaken, & secondly he intends to push in as many people as he thinks proper to draw lots with us, such as the Captn. & Mate of the Transport &c. he talks of giving them water lots & will give us none, he has made the most confused tedious piece of business in laying out the Town I ever saw, his conduct is insufferable, if it had not been for the assistance of a Gentleman here that understands surveying & my own help he could have done nothing hitherto, he says his instructions from Government leavs him at liberty to act as he pleases & that he will not give us water lotts till he has an order from the Governor or Surveyor General for so doing.'' Asks White to procure the order. Sends McDonald's compliments.

Reference: Gideon White Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 948 number 274.


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