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[Copy of] letter from Jas Courtney to Archibald Cunningham, on arriving at Shelburne (Port Roseway).

''My reason for not writing ere this was on our arrival here dark woods and dismal Rocks Cover'd the ground (which belonged to the Associated Loyalists) on my first going on shore after travelling five or six hours, returned quite discouraged, and yet had in the Course of my Ramble knocked down two brace of Partridges and one Hare, next time went further [and] still returned dissatisfied. I tho't Hunger look'd every wretch in the face that could not hunt or shoot for his subsistence [......] boasted Land of Cannan my stay here shall be very [short] but I will first look at the Fishery we went & [return]ed well satisfied. Providence in the Article has been exceeding bountifull, fish never was more plenty nor easeyer come at, than from this place. Great numbers of Vessells from different places of New England are here fishing, which by the by was infamous in the Peace Makers to allow.
We have got our town Lotts which is just large for a good House and Small Garden, and [ ]. Since the Trees are cut / good down the Ground looks [ ] and is exceeding/, far preferable to any about Halifax [and] I think equal to any I have seen in the Province, if [ ] Encouragement is given by Government it will in a [ ] time be a fine Settlement; the Harbour is one the [ ] and best in the World exceeding easey of access and [ ]ly secure when in - so that had I wrote you at first [I should] have given a poor and ver unjust account of it, for [I am no]w determined to stay and think to do exceeding well. General Patterson has been with us, and promises every [ ] in his power - The Governor likewise did set [ ] intention of visiting, but on the passage was taken [ ] obliged to return, yet sent a very genteel letter being Sorry [ ] ing it at juncture in his power to see a place which [ ] to be the first in the Province. I have enjoyed my [ ] likewise all our little family which join in [ ] and Believe me to be yours Sincerely.''

Reference: Gideon White Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 948 number 210.


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