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Granville Township, Annapolis County

4 reels of microfilm: 15060, 12323, 13546, 15035.

Births: 1720-1881
Marriages: 1720-1881
Deaths: 1720-1881

Minutes of Meetings: 1769,1771,1781   Church Records: Yes   Animal Marks: Yes

Reference: MG 4 vol. 185 and185a-i, MG 4 vol. 34

Other Locations: Original book in Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa (microfilm C-3027). MG 4 vols. 34 and 185 are available from the Genealogical Society of Utah, mfm. 1376194.

Index Available: Ross Burgess, Granville Township Book, 2000 (CS 88 A67 B89 2000)

Additional Notes: MG 4 vol. 185 includes:
- MG 4 vol. no. 185b - Copy of the index to vital statistics and cattle marks (185a)
- MG 4 vol. no. 185c - Index to cattle marks, part-1880 (original)
- MG 4 vol. no. 185d - Granville, Annapolis County - Parish of All Saints baptisms
- MG 4 vol. no. 185e - Granville Parish, register of burials, 1828-1919
- MG 4 vol. no. 185f - Granville Township, list of town clerks, 1779-1876; marriages, 1761-1862
- MG 4 vol. no. 185g - Granville Township, register of baptisms and marriages, 1790-1801
- MG 4 vol. no. 185h - Granville Township, Parish of Granville, 1814-1882
- MG 4 vol. no. 185i - Granville Township, Parish of Granville - register of baptisms, 1829-1858

MG 4 vol. 185-185a contains Granville Township Book (vol. 185). This volume has a handwritten index (185a). Note on the inside cover reads: "Granville Township Book, 1779-1933, with 2 Indexes. Donated 1976-70 by Mrs. Fletcher Mills, Kingston, N.S. Vital Statistics end circa page 274, ca. 1840, with a few entries to ca. 1860. Remainder of volume is cattle marks. This book is apparently a copy of an earlier volume, with additions."

MG 4 Vol 34 contains a typed copy of the vital statistics (no cattle marks), to p. 274, (no index), 1779-1876. Also contains Granville Parish Anglican Church records: Baptisms (and some deaths and marriages), 1790-1800, 1828-1858, 1859-1918, Marriages, 1814-1882

Microfilm 15060 contains only the Township Book, vol. 185, with no indexes.

Microfilm 12323 contains the Township Book (vol. 185) and the indices to vital statistics and cattle marks (vol. 185a).

Microfilm 13546 also includes Windsor, Newport and Sackville Township Books. At the beginning of the book is an alphabetical index which runs for a number of pages. The statistics are not separated into births, marriages, etc., but appear chronologically as they occur. The microfilm also includes additional vital statistics on differently numbered pages. At the end of the Granville Book are a typed list of births, marriages and deaths, 1720-1868; a list of town clerks, 1779-1816; returns of clergy, Census of the Township of Granville, 1838, Ordinances of Annapolis, 1831, 1840, and General Sessions 1831-40. It does not appear to be a duplicate of this section, but possibly the names and dates have been arranged differently. When being used it would have to be checked against the written part.

Microfilm 15035 contains the records in MG 4 vol. 34.

There appears to be two copies of this Township Book, one is an original and the other is a copy. The microfilm content report notes the book thought to be the original copy is actually parish records.


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