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The Prat Sisters: Free Spirits of the 1890s

"K.K.: Kelly's Kalendar" : poem by Bliss Carman about the Prat family, written in the tower room, 'Acadia Villa,' Wolfville, September 1889 (print version)

Carman refers to himself as 'Kelly,' the nickname given him by Annie Prat, after he had nicknamed her 'Nancy.' Annie's sisters, Charlotte, Minnie, and May Rosina, are 'Charlsie,' 'Malyn,' and 'Rose Mary.' Carman was a close friend of the Prat sisters and a frequent visitor at their family home, 'Acadia Villa.'

Date: Published in William Inglis Morse, Bliss Carman Bibliography (Windham, Conn., 1941)

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives  PS8455 A72 Z7, p.73

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