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"Instructions for Mr. David Eason, 25 March 1779"

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Michael Franklin to David Eason; 25 March 1779, Windsor, three pages. Instructing him to proceed to Tatamagushe (Tatamagouche), and send "for Louis Bask, a Micmac Indian and such other Indians who complain of Ill Treatment by the Master of the Vessell Froze up at Marigomishe (Merigomish) and then proceed with them directly to Pictou", to decide if the vessel is a prize vessel taken by the rebels, and inform him of the cargo. He is to resolve the quarrel and compensate the Indians if they have been ill treated. He may take Mark Delesdernier with him to Tatamagouche if necessary. "I have had advice that John Allen has twice this winter sent dispatches from Machias by Micmack couriers to Mirimichy …enquire of the Indians at Tatamagushe if they know any think of it and endeavour to get the originals or copys of the papers if possible."

Date: 1779

Reference: Easson Family Nova Scotia Archives  MG 1 vol. 3478 no. A113

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