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''Receiving Room of Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station, Table Head, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia''

Notes from Piers Accession Book: Photograph of Receiving Room of Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of Canada's station at Table Head, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, on 17 October, 1907, when the first commercial press-message passed between that station and the one at Clifden, Connemara, Ireland. Signor Guglielm Marconi is at the left, anxiously waiting, while to the right is James A. Holmes with the receivers on, listening for signals from Clifden, during a weak spell in radio. The photograph also shows the row of 7 Fleming valves and the "high-hatter" (used as a turning-coil) made from the lining of two ten-inch induction coils. In the photograph is written "Glace Bay, Cape Breton, October 17/07."

1895 First experiment in wireless telegraphy made by Marconi in Italy.
1896 Put to practical use in England.
1899 Wireless telegraphy established across English Channel.
1901 Between Poldhu, Cornwall, and St. John's, Newfoundland.
1902 Between Canada and Newfoundland. Successful messages sent by Marconi from Poldhu, Cornwall, to stations at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
1904 Marconi agrees with British post-office for commercial transmission of wireless messages. 1st ocean daily newspaper started [i]n Cunard steamships.
1907 Regular transatlantic service established Clifden, Ireland and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

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Date Accessioned: 18 November 1936

Photographer: Gauvin and Gentzel

Reference: Harry Piers number 8608  Nova Scotia Archives Photograph Collection Transportation and Communication: Telegraph /  negative: N-3739

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