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Sophia Frederica Kaulbach

Sophia Frederica Newman (1802-1889), the daughter of Adolphus and Regina Elizabeth Newman, married John Henry Kaulbach Jr., Deputy Sheriff of Lunenburg County, on 22 April 1826. The handsome newly-weds had their portraits painted, likely in the early 1830s, and probably by the same unknown artist; the results were displayed in identical frames. John Henry Kaulbach (1797-1879) was part of a family dynasty - his father, John Henry Sr., was High Sheriff from 1798 to 1828, when he was succeeded by his son, who then held the office for 49 years until his death in 1879.

date: ca. 1830

Artist: artist unknown

numéro de référence: Documentary Art Collection Nova Scotia Archives 1979-147 no. 293

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