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William Hall, VC

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William Hall, VC of Horton Bluff, Nova Scotia - Nineteenth-Century Naval Hero by David W. States
Read before the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, 25 February 1993. Collections of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society Volume 44, 1996.

David W. States is an historian, genealogist, scholar and dedicated public servant who has made vast contributions to scholarly and popular understanding of African Canadian history. His thorough study of historic Black families and their communities in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley is crucial to a comprehensive understanding of the African Nova Scotian experience.

William Hall, VC by Brian Cuthbertson, 28 August 2008
Illustrated research paper for Canada Post

Brian Cuthbertson contributed as a leading historian of Nova Scotia. He worked as an archivist for the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, a former publisher and editor of the Nova Scotia Historical Review and the former Head of Heritage for the Government of Nova Scotia. He wrote on Nova Scotia history since he first published a biography in 1978 of Richard John Uniacke, devoting much of his time to research and writing, and is the author of several books and research papers on the history of Nova Scotia and its people.



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