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Halifax and Its People / 1749-1999

"Concrete Sewer Blocks made at the Halifax Poor Asylum, Halifax, N.S., 1899, over 1000 barrels of Citadel Brand of cement used, manufactured by St. Lawrence Portland Cement Coy., Montreal, Quebec"

A new Poor Asylum immediately replaced the burnt-out shell on the corner of South and Robie streets in 1886. True to the concept of the Victorian workhouse, the inmates were employed in revenue-generating activities which helped to offset operating expenses and brought (perhaps) some sense of contribution by those unfortunate enough to be incarcerated. The Poor House of 1886, somewhat altered in purpose but not in appearance, remained a prominent part of the Halifax landscape until its demolition in 1972.

Photographer: J. M. Margeson

Date: 1899

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives 1992-411 

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