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Photographer, with a Camera and Tripod, Photographing a Decorated Birney Streetcar, Marking the End of Tram-Car Service in the Main Part of Halifax, 26 March 1949

The photographer is standing in the intersection of Buckingham and Barrington Streets, looking towards the Progress Stores Ltd. and the Independent Order of Oddfellows Temple at 10 and 16 Buckingham Street, respectively. Russ Lownds's Trams & Tracks:"The Birneys" of Halifax, Nova Scotia, describes the last run: "On 26th March, 1949, the Birneys ran downtown for the last time, and Car 177 was decorated for the occasion with a tearful, bewhiskered face painted on the front and farewell messages painted on the side panels and rear of the car. The verses on the tram were composed by Miss E.H. Doyle, then Assistant Secretary of the Nova Scotia Light and Power Company."

Date: 26 March 1949

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives  Photo Drawer - Transportation and Communication - Street Cars - Birney Street Car, 1949  / neg. no.: N-7284

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