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Nova Scotia. Department of Small Business Development

The Small Business Development Corporation was a crown corporation established in 1981 to promote the economic well-being of the province by rendering financial assistance to small business. It administered the Small Business Development Fund. The minister responsible for the corporation was the minister of development. In 1987 the Department of Development was divided into two departments: Industry, Trade and Technology and Small Business Development. The latter assumed responsibility for all matters relating to the development of the small-business sector of the economy, including the Small Business Development Corporation and the Nova Scotia Business Capital Corporation. In 1992 the former Department of Development was reunified and renamed the Department of Economic Development (now Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.)

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1981 c. 12, 1988 c. 30, 1992 c. 14; Order in Council 87-1455 (3 December 1987).

see also Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism



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