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Nova Scotia. Public Service Commission

Other forms of name:
Nova Scotia. Civil Service Commission
Nova Scotia. Department of Human Resources

The Civil Service Commission was established in 1935 as a personnel agency for government departments. In 1952 the Civil Service Commissioner acquired the rank and status of a deputy minister, and in 1980 became a deputy minister. In 1978 the Civil Service Collective Bargaining Act was passed and the Civil Service Commission became the government employer and bargaining agent. In 1994 the commission was replaced by the Department of Human Resources. In 2001 Human Resources reverted to a Public Service Commission headed by a commissioner as chief executive officer reporting directly to the minister. The Public Service Commission administers the Civil Service Act and Regulations; consults with, advises and assists departments in the conduct of departmental personnel activities; provides, upon the request of a department, the Treasury and Policy Board or the minister, management advisory services in such areas as workforce development and strategic talent management and organization studies or proposed reorganization of a department or departments; provides, assists in or coordinates staff training and development programs throughout the Civil Service; evaluates and classifies each position in the Civil Service and determines the qualifications therefor; recruits qualified persons for the Civil Service and establishes lists of persons eligible for appointment; assigns and appoints persons to positions in the Civil Service and specifies the status and the salary payable upon appointment; acts as bargaining agent and bargains pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Service Collective Bargaining Act, the Corrections Act and the Highway Workers Collective Bargaining Act; engages competent persons to assist in the performance of the commission's duties; keeps and makes the records necessary for the proper administration of the act and prescribes the use of forms required for carrying out the act and the regulations; administers and interprets collective agreements; develops human resource management policies, programs, procedures, standards and practices for the Civil Service; and provides human resources management, advisory and consulting services to the whole of Government.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1935 c. 8, 1952 c. 4, 1962 c. 3, 1978 c. 3, 1980 c. 3, 1993 c. 38, 2001 c. 4.



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