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Nova Scotia. Provincial Museum (1868)

The Provincial Museum was founded in the autumn of 1868, when the Halifax Mechanics' Institute Museum was formally transferred to the Nova Scotia government. From 1899 to 1931 the curator of the Provincial Museum was also deputy keeper of the public records (provincial archivist). In 1947 the Museum Act was passed and the Nova Scotia Museum of Science replaced the Provincial Museum. In 1951 departmental responsibility for the museum was transferred from the minister of mines to the minister of education. In 1960 the Museum of Science was renamed the Nova Scotia Museum, and its mandate broadened to comprehend natural and applied science and human activities generally. The museum was also empowered to provide grants to museums, heritage organizations and individuals. In 1980 the museum assumed responsibility for conserving provincially significant archaeological and historical remains and palaeontological sites. In 1999 ministerial responsibility for the museum was transferred from the Department of Education to the newly re-created Department of Tourism and Culture. The Nova Scotia Museum is the lead component of the heritage division of the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage and is responsible for administering the Heritage Property Act and the Special Places Protection Act.

Notes: Authority record based on Harry Piers, "A Brief Historical Account of the Institute of Science," Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science 13 (1910-1914): lxxvii-lxxx; Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1947 c. 10, 1951 c. 59, 1960 c. 9, 1980 c. 17, 2001 c. 4; Orders in Council 1999-399 (16 August 1999), 2003-516 (4 Dec. 2003).



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