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Nova Scotia. Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs

The Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs was provisionally established in 2003 in response to the Final Report on Consultations with the African Nova Scotian Community (July 2001). In 2004 the <i>Public Service Act</i> was amended to establish the Office permanently. Its object and purpose are to create and promote an integrated approach to matters relating to the African Nova Scotian community; to represent Nova Scotia in intergovernmental and other initiatives and negotiations on matters integral to the African Nova Scotian community; to provide the minister responsible with research analysis and policy advice on African Nova Scotia issues; to develop cooperatively communication strategies and public education in order to improve general understanding and appreciation of African Nova Scotia culture, heritage and community identity; and to advocate for the interests and concerns of the African Nova Scotian community. In January 2011 the Office was integrated into the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage for administrative purposes, with the deputy minister becoming its chief executive officer.

Notes: Authority record based on Order in Council 2003-376 (18 August 2003); Statutes of Nova Scotia: 2004 c. 45. Order in Council 2011-23 (11 January 2011).



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