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Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission

Other forms of name:
Nova Scotia Crop Insurance Commission

The Nova Scotia Crop Insurance Commission was established in 1968 to administer crop insurance plans. In 1978 the Crop Insurance Act was amended to include livestock and the commission renamed Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Commission. The commission administers plans of crop and livestock insurance established by the regulations; conducts surveys and research programs relating to crop and livestock insurance and to obtain statistics; evaluates losses and pay claims under plans of crop and livestock insurance; enters into agreements with or retains persons to solicit and receive applications for insurance, and collect premiums and adjust claims under plans for and on behalf of the Commission; reinsures with any other insurer the risk or any portion thereof under its contracts of insurance under any plan; requires an applicant for crop or livestock insurance or an insured person to furnish information, statements and reports as required; provides any form necessary to administer an insurance plan; calculates and approves premium rates, unit prices, coverage levels and benefit levels for insurance plans established under the regulations; and administers the Crop and Livestock Insurance Act and Regulations.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1968 c. 6, 1978 c. 31, 2004 c. 24 (Part V).



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