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Nova Scotia. Natural Products Marketing Council

Other forms of name:
Nova Scotia Marketing Board

The Natural Products Marketing Act of 1946 established the Nova Scotia Marketing Board as a crown agency with plenary powers to regulate the marketing of agricultural products. The scope and meaning of 'natural products' was gradually expanded from poultry, apples and wool to include every edible plant or animal in original or processed form. The board also regulated the activities of specialized commodity marketing boards. In 1967 the Nova Scotia Dairy Commission was established and the board relinquished responsibility for dairy products. In 1982 the board was renamed the Natural Products Marketing Council. In 2001 the Dairy Commission was abolished and the council assumed joint responsibility with Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia for regulating the processing of raw milk and the pricing, packaging, distribution and sale of dairy products.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1946 c. 10, 1967 c. 38, 1982 c. 41, 1994-95 c. 13, 2000 c. 24, 2002 c. 1 (Part III).



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