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Nova Scotia. Labour Standards Tribunal

In 1972 Nova Scotia's modern Labour Standards Code was enacted. It covers employee protection, vacation pay, holidays with pay, industrial standards, minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, pregnancy leave and parental leave, bereavement leave and court leave, hours of work, employment of children, termination of employment and protection of pay. The code protects the rights of workers not covered by the Trade Union Act. The act providing for the code also established a Labour Standards Tribunal to resolve disputes relating to its interpretation and application. The Labour Standards Tribunal was to the Labour Standards Code what the Labour Relations Board was to the Trade Union Act. In 2010 the new integrated Labour Board assumed the functions of the Labour Standards Tribunal, and the latter was abolished.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1972 c. 10, 1991 c. 14, 2000 c. 35, 2010 c.37.

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