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From 1967 to 1979 intergovernmental affairs were handled informally by the Executive Council Office. In 1979 a separate Intergovernmental Affairs Office was established within the Executive Council Office to advise the Cabinet on federal initiatives which might have constitutional implications for Nova Scotia or for federal-provincial relations generally. From 1983 to 1991 intergovernmental affairs were the responsibility of the Policy Board and administered as a section of the Cabinet Secretariat. In 1991 the Premier became minister of intergovernmental affairs and a deputy minister was appointed. In 2001 Intergovernmental Affairs became a department, and in 2002 it assumed responsibility for the Protocol Office. IGA manages Nova Scotia's relationship with the federal government, other provincial governments and foreign governments. It collaborates with Nova Scotia government departments in key policy areas such as federal-provincial fiscal arrangements, response to climate change and other environmental issues, natural resources, economic development and innovation; post-secondary education, skills development and training; highways and transportation infrastructure; health care, child welfare and other social issues; and international relations. In January 2011 the department's trade policy responsibilities were transferred to the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism. When the latter department was abolished in April 2015, Intergovernmental Affairs resumed its trade policy responsibilities.

Notes: Authority record based on Orders in Council 79-141 (13 Feb. 1979), 91-242 (5 Mar. 1991), 2002-389 (29 Aug. 2002), 2011-15 (11 Jan. 2011), 2015-116 (9 Apr. 2015); Statutes of Nova Scotia: 2001 c. 4.



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