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Nova Scotia. Department of Housing

Other forms of name:
Nova Scotia Housing Commission

In 1919 the Nova Scotia Housing Act was enacted to promote the building of private homes and the incorporation of housing companies (building societies), and a Director of Housing appointed. In 1933 the Director of Housing was replaced by the Nova Scotia Housing Commission, with broad powers to encourage better housing and promote and finance house-building. In 1966 the commission was revived, receiving a new and improved mandate to address the needs of low-income families, public, cooperative and rental housing, housing development and urban renewal. In 1983 the commission was succeeded and replaced by the Department of Housing, delivering programs such as land servicing/lot sales, parent apartments, public non-profit housing (seniors, families and special care), senior citizens' assistance, provincial housing emergency repair, rent supplement, second mortgage, small loans assistance, "Access-A-Home" and private non-profit housing. In 1992 the Department of Housing merged with the Department of Consumer Affairs to form the Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1919 c. 4, 1932 c. 12, 1966 c. 7, 1983 c. 6 and c. 40, 1992 c. 14.

see also Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs



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