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Nova Scotia. Department of Health and Wellness

Other forms of name:
Nova Scotia. Department of Public Health
Nova Scotia. Department of Health and Fitness
Nova Scotia. Department of Health

In 1904 the Department of Public Health replaced the Provincial Board of Health. At first under the Provincial Secretary, in 1930 the department acquired its own minister. In 1977 the department was reorganized and renamed Health. In 1987 the Department of Culture, Recreation and Fitness was dissolved, responsibility for fitness assumed by Department of Health and the department renamed Health and Fitness. In 1992 "fitness" was struck from the department's name. In 2006 responsibility for public health and the Chief Medical Officer of Health was transferred to the new Department of Health Promotion and Protection. In January 2011, the department was renamed Health and Wellness, when the responsibilities of the former Department of Health Promotion and Protection were transferred to it. The department is responsible for insured health services, emergency health services, adult protection, home care, residential care facilities, district health authorities, provincial healthcare centres, health engineering, personal health information management, community health services and psychiatric mental health, as well as promoting and protecting public health.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1903-04 c. 3, 1962 c. 13, 1977 c. 2, 1988 c. 30, 1992 c. 14, 2006 c. 44; Orders in Council 36-279 (30 December 1930); 87-1455 (3 December 1987). Order in Council 2011-15 (11 January 2011).

see also Department of Health Promotion and Protection



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