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Nova Scotia's first modern Fire Prevention Act of 1919 established the Fire Prevention Board with authority to appoint a provincial officer called the Fire Marshal. From the beginning the Fire Marshal had omnibus powers to inspect premises, investigate fires and issue compliance orders. In 1940 the Fire Prevention Board was abolished and the Fire Marshal became Nova Scotia's chief fire authority. The Fire Marshal's role is to promote, encourage and cooperate with any organization or person interested in developing and promoting the principles and practices of fire prevention and the protection of life and property against fire, which includes promoting, encouraging and delivering public fire-safety education programs and training, and supporting and assisting others to provide the same; to advise persons or organizations interested in developing or promoting the principles and practices of fire suppression, fire prevention, fire-safety education, emergency services and related communication systems and the delivery of those services and systems; to investigate conditions under which fires occur; to receive such reports as deemed necessary from persons authorized or required to inspect, investigate or examine; to maintain a statistical record of all fires reported to the Fire Marshal and collect and disseminate information with respect to fires; to study methods of fire safety; and make recommendations, including guidelines, respecting fire suppression, fire prevention, fire protection and the training of persons involved in the provision of these services, as well as rescue and emergency services and the delivery of these services, the establishment of fire departments and fire brigades, the provision of adequate water supply, and fire-hose couplings and connections for fire-fighting equipment. The Fire Marshal also has the power and authority to enforce compliance with the Fire Safety Act and Regulations and the Fire Code and all other acts relating to the prevention and suppression of fires. In 2014 the Office of the Fire Marshal became a division of the Department of Municipal Affairs.

Notes: Authority record based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1919 c. 30, 1940 c. 2, 1976 c. 9, 2002 c. 6, 2014 c. 34.



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