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Conserve Nova Scotia was established in October 2006 as a special operating agency to promote energy conservation and the efficient and environmentally sound use of energy resources for heat, light and power. The agency was headed by a president and chief executive officer having the status of a deputy minister. Its mandate was to deliver conservation and energy efficiency programs and policies for Nova Scotians; promote and act as a focal point for all forms of conservation and energy-efficiency measures in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors; raise awareness among Nova Scotians of the financial and environmental benefits of making better personal energy-use choices; develop the system for establishing benchmarks, measuring, monitoring and evaluating energy conservation and energy efficiency effects; act as a partner with other like-minded organizations in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors; and conduct public education and social marketing around energy conservation, including reduced energy consumption. The agency's status as a special operating agency was revoked by Order in Council in March 2011, and its responsibilities assigned to the Department of Energy.

Notes: Authority record based on Orders in Council 2006-443 (17 Oct. 2006), 2011-125 (31 Mar. 2011).



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