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In 1989 the then minister of community services, a francophone, was assigned responsibility for reporting to the Cabinet on matters relating to Acadian Affairs. The post has generally been held by a francophone member of the Executive Council. In 1990 a director of Acadian Affairs was appointed, replacing the position of officer of Acadian Affairs established in 1985. In 2004 the French Language Services Act formally established Acadian Affairs as an office of the public service. The objects and purposes of Acadian Affairs are to ensure that the Government is aware of the needs of the Acadian and francophone community; to offer advice and support to departments, offices and agencies of Government and to Crown corporations for the purpose of developing and adopting or providing programs, policies and services that reflect the needs of the Acadian and francophone community; to serve as a central support agency for other departments for French-language services within the Government; to develop partnerships with Acadian and francophone agencies at provincial, national and international levels; to ensure that Acadian and francophone needs are addressed in the development of programs, policies and services; and to recognize the contribution of the Acadian and francophone community. In January 2011 the Office was integrated into the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage for administrative purposes, with the deputy minister becoming its chief executive officer.

Notes: Authority record based on Nova Scotia Information Service. <i>Directory of Senior Officials</i>, April 1989; Order in Council 91-230 (26 Feb. 1991); Statutes of Nova Scotia: 2004 c. 26; Order in Council 2011-23 (11 January 2011).



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