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Communications Nova Scotia is an agency created in April 1996 to succeed and replace the policy and corporate relations branch of the former Department of Supply and Services. The objects and purposes of Communications Nova Scotia are to provide centralized delivery of communication services with respect to non-partisan communications from the Government of the Province, including strategic communications planning, marketing and advertising services, communications research and evaluation, media-relations services including preparation and distribution of news releases, graphic design, strategic Internet planning and design, photography and videography, writing and editorial services, and printing services; to develop policies, practices, standards and guidelines with respect to government communications; and ensure that government communications are timely, accurate, effective, factual and respectful, objective and non-partisan, relevant to government responsibilities and priorities, and compliant with legal requirements and government policies and procedures.

Notes: Authority record based on Order in Council 96-219 (28 Mar. 1996); Statutes of Nova Scotia: 1972 c. 6, 1992 c. 14, 1996 c. 8, 2013 c. 42.

see also Department of Supply and Services



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