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Arts Nova Scotia – Arts Nouvelle-Écosse was established as a government board in 2011. Its objects are to strive to make the arts integral to the lives of all Nova Scotians; advance the arts by investing in creativity, fostering innovation and promoting the value of the arts; foster artistic excellence throughout the Province; encourage creative expression by funding activity in the arts; invest in the creativity of all artistic disciplines; design and administer programs to support professional artists and arts organizations; utilize peer assessment processes to determine artistic merit and the allocation of funding; communicate to the community at large the cultural, social and economic importance of the arts; conduct research on matters relating to the arts; and advise the Minister on the development of programs in support of the arts. The minister of communities, culture and heritage is responsible for the administration of the Arts Nova Scotia Act.

Notes: Authority based on Statutes of Nova Scotia: 2011 c. 31.



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