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Food, Drink and the Pleasures of Eating in Old-Time Nova Scotia

Almond Pudding, Roast Pig, Mangoes, Plum Cake, Cake, Pickled Beef, Mutton, to brew Alcohol, Nuns Cake

The Almon Scrapbook was compiled by Senator William Johnstone Almon, M.D., (1816-1901) and later continued by his granddaughter Susanna Almon. The contents include information on the Almon family and other notable early New England and Nova Scotia families and date from the early 1700s to the 1940s.This eclectic scrapbook has vital statistics, engravings, lithographs, photographs, broadsides, letters, invitations, maps and newspaper clippings. Two pages include hand written recipes for cymballs, hasty pudding, mutton, plum cake, rice pudding, blackberry jelly, Indian pudding, drop cake, and to boil potatoes (page 120) and for almond pudding, roast pig, mangoes, plum cake, cake, pickled beef, mutton, to brew alcohol, and nuns cake (page 122).

Reference: Almon Scrapbook Nova Scotia Archives  MG 1 vol. 14 page 122

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