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1823  7 May  Halifax  

1136. Nathaniel White to his brother Cornelius, on various topics. ''I had almost determined to mount the Hustings again but a brighter prospect has opened upon me & will prevent my dabbling more in the paltry puddle of politicks. I was a few days ago sent for by the Chief Justice & the other Judges & offered the situation which Judge Halliburton of Windosr holds. He is bed-ridden & incapable of acting. The Governor has written him that he must resign or he will be obliged to supersede him. I felt much delicacy on the subject & stated that I would not on any account be supposed to interfere or be considered as having claim until Mr. H. was disposed of. They have been expecting his death for the last year but the old fellow hangs on most pertinaciously. A few days will decide the thing. It will be just the thing for me, take me out of the filth of practice & (not for I have so stipulated) clog my future advancement to the higher honors of the profession. I consider it a great compliment as it comes perfectly unsought & with six or eight standing above me on the Roll. I have kept a profound silence except to my friend Uniacke, but when it is announced it will I fear occasion much soarness of feeling...I have thought seriously of it & think you cannot do a wiser thing than enter the lists against the common nuisance. I am confident you will carry it against him & am equally sure it will lead to something.A stand must be made by some one & you know there is nobody else who would not disgrace the town. Don't hesitate therefore but pluck up a little spirit & enter the politick world.'' Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 954 No. 1136


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