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''The Bower''

Notes from Piers Accession Book: Photograph of "The Bower," Bowery Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia; nearer view with group of ladies and gentlemen on horseback and in a carriage, with coachman, in front. The group is comprised of two gentlemen in "bear" hats, on horseback; 2 ladies on horseback; 2 ladies in a phaeton carriage; and a [beardless] coachman in []. The cottage with its rose-covered front porch, is in the background.

Copy of a photograph which was probably made in the 60's before the house was altered. The group may be members of the Halliburton family, possibly John Halliburton and his sisters, etc.

From an original photograph which I understand was recently sent out from England, either to Marshall Rogers, the present owner, or to Piers Brookfield, architect, who is remodelling the house.

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Date Accessioned: 22 August 1931

Photographer: Gauvin and Gentzel

Reference: Harry Piers number 7231  Nova Scotia Archives Photograph Collection Halifax: Houses /  negative: N-6284

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