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Newspaper articles 'Trade and the West Indies' which tackles the 'agitation of the West India question, and the promulgation of the ministerial plan for negro emancipation' and an Editorial
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Article appears in The Novascotian, (Volume VI, Number XXX, page 1, column 4) and speculates what might happen if emancipation were to come into effect. Mostly focussed on how trade with the West Indies may be effected.

Page 6 (233) column 1, contains an editorial, probably written by Joseph Howe the then then Editor of The Novascotian, on the question of the economic impact of Emancipation. It is part of a general commentary on British affairs and starts in the 3rd paragraph. He writes "We are rejoiced, however that government has grappled the whole with a strong hand." Locally Howe notes that the West Indies will be seriously affected and "our trade with those islands is all important."

Date: 25 July 1833

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives The Novascotian, or Colonial Herald, Volume VI, Number XXX, Halifax, 25 July 1833

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